Meet ben


Culinary powerhouse Ben is a font of creativity and energy. Having spent ten years working at 1,2, and 3-Michelin-starred restaurants, in five different countries, he then spent the past five years running his own creative dining concepts, events, and experiences, as well as winning multiple culinary awards in his spare time. Phew!

Inspired to cook by his oldest brother Andrew, Ben’s introduction to experimental cuisine was peanut butter and cucumber sandwiches, made by his father for school lunches - but you’ve no need to worry! His cooking style is delicious, playful, unpretentious and gimmick-free! He wants to introduce his cooking, approach, and vision to anyone willing to learn, and he plans to do it with his trademark infectious passion and uncompromising standards.

What are you waiting for?


What you will take away from the class: The importance of tasting every minute, cooking with your ears, eyes, mouth & instinct, going way thinking about the experience and most importantly feeling they are full up!

Type of Cuisine: British, Scandinavian (Swedish or Norwegian) French, American, Italian, Eclectic, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Spanish – “my style is a culmination of all these cuisines and also based on my career experience and where I have lived”

Favourite dish: “There is no such thing for me! I cook from the heart but with disciplined technical ability.”