Get Healthy with InspiringChefs

Getting healthy is on the top of many people’s Resolutions list when the New Year rolls around, but is famously one which falls by the wayside within the first few weeks. Not anymore! Here at InspiringChefs, food is both a delicious way to improve your happiness and the necessary fuel to keep your body healthy, and we do not think those need to be mutually exclusive. We are passionately committed to helping you fall in love with cooking again – and that means with healthy cooking too, so – as we reach the end of January - we’re sharing our top tips for using InspiringChefs to help you keep to your New Year’s Resolutions throughout the rest of the year.

1)      Learn new easy, tasty, healthy recipes with our chefs’ classes

Our fabulous InspiringChefs love cooking a range of different types of food and can re-inspire you with their different healthy recipes, so you don’t have to rely on boring old salad.

How about Camilya’s Healthy Food for Home Cooks Class? You can get her recipes for warming Broad Bean soup and delicious risotto, all with Mediterranean inspiration behind them.

Looking for something with a little more spice? Barrie’s Bajan fish cakes and salsa might be perfect for you! And his pumpkin and nutmeg fritters are a great way to incorporate more of your five-a-day into your sweet treats.

2)      Be introduced to new cultures who eat famously healthy diets

InspiringChefs duo Delia and Luca are from Sardinia – a bluezone country with one of the highest percentages of centenarians in the world, because the Sardinian diet is one of the healthiest there is! Tap into some of that long-life potential with Delia and Luca’s classes – tailored to any experience level!

Passionate home cook Gayathri also comes from a country where healthy, vegetarian food is far from dull! Her Wholesome Vegetarian Indian class will teach you how to make filling, delicious, healthy food – from spinach dal to vegetable curry, revolutionising your healthy dinners.

3)      Be introduced to new ingredients

We love coming across new ingredients at InspiringChefs, and our Cameroonian founder Carine is particularly loving West African super-grain, fonio, at the moment. The smallest grain in the millet family, fonio is one of the most important crops across West Africa because it grows extremely quickly (reaching full maturity in 6-8 weeks) even in arid conditions with poor soil, and because of its extraordinary health benefits. Gluten-free, high in protein, and with a low-glycemic index, it can be used in porridge, bread, or as a replacement for other grains in salads and side dishes. Why not book a class and see what other global super-foods you could discover?

4)      Book a group class and help get motivated with your peers

Getting healthy is always easier when it is a team effort – and the buddy system is not just for hitting the gym! Gather a group of like-minded friends with similar goals and take a class together! Teamwork has never been so tasty!

5)      Book a chef to come cook for you and stock your freezer with healthy meals

We are excited to mention that we will also be adding a new service this year! Later in 2017 we will be launching the InspiringChefs freezer stocking service, making eating healthily even easier. Details to follow soon, so keep an eye out!

How do you approach getting healthy? Get in touch over Facebook or Twitter and let us know, or tag us in your healthy eating pictures on Instagram @inspiringchefs 

Carine Ottou