meet camilya


Camilya is a traditional home cook, inspired by her mother, who wants to share her love of food with her students.

Her fondest food memory is from when she was 8 years old. Her mum was making pizza dough in the kitchen and she started playing with a little piece of it. She added random ingredients and asked her mother to cook it. Astonishingly, it was delicious! Her love of food and eating has grown from there.

Her cooking style is influenced by how she feels in the moment. "I need harmony around me to make the most of my creativity. My cooking style is my state of mind." So come to her classes feeling ready for anything.

What would you take away from the class? "A unique experience and the appreciation of genuine ingredients and traditional recipes."


Type of Cuisine:

Italian, Mediterranean


Favourite Dish: 

"I don't have a specific one. I like everything and I love cooking different dishes every day."