Meet Carine


Carine, the founder of InspiringChefs, is originally from Cameroon. A move to the South of France as a teenager saw her early love of spice and bold flavours meet the high standard ingredients and techniques of classical French cooking to create a truly individual and highly accomplished culinary style. A Laotian friend, a Swedish husband, and a stint in Ireland saw Carine’s culinary horizons broaden even further and saw her start up a series of international supper clubs, cooking food from all over the world and most recently has launch her very own range of marinades and sauces that uses fragrant West African spices. She also loves to grow her own vegetables and foraging, so you can look forward to tips on finding the best wild garlic; berries and chestnuts in London.


What would you take away from the class? A unique cooking experience that combines very little known ingredients from West Africa with a touch of European influence.

Type Of Cuisine :

African, French, Mediterranean, Asian, BBQ (Street food style).

Favourite Dish:

Anything Warming and Slow-cooked.