Meet nisha


Pastry chef Nisha offers you the opportunity to learn a whole new type of Indian cuisine, from the southern region of Kerala. Having spent years gaining experience and honing her craft, she is now eager to share her knowledge of food with you – especially if you have always wanted to learn to cook, but felt too scared to! Her fondest food memories include huge traditional home-cooked breakfasts with numerous delicious dishes and plenty of laughter, chatter, and good company – and this is exactly what you can expect of her class.


What you will take away from the class: “A great experience, the knowledge that you can make fabulous food at home without fretting, the confidence to cook for others and - most importantly - to not fear cooking”

Type of Cuisine: Indian pastry

Favourite dish: Biryani “There are so many varieties, and each is different from the others. I love a good biryani any day!”