meet chintal


Chintal is a passionate home cook with the creative flair to add a modern twist to classic, traditional dishes. Her style of cooking is Indian vegetarian food, with an East African Influence.

As with many of our InspiringChefs, Chintal's culinary education came from her mother and grandmother. From a very young age she would sit with them in the kitchen and watch them prepare meals from scratch. Growing up in Africa, fresh veg would be delivered daily, and Chintal would help prepare the veg and watch her mother and grandmother cook on a "jiko". When everyone else was having an afternoon nap she would be in the kitchen attempting to recreate some of the simple dishes her mum used to make.

"My fondest food memory is cooking with my mum and gran, the happiness and smiles on everyone's faces when we would sit down together and enjoy home-cooked food, even at our social club, as kids we used to take tiffin and share amongst friends under the mango tree."

Chintal cooks with her senses, it's always a pinch of this, a dash of that, working by taste and texture. Since she started sharing recipes on her blog, however, she has become more structured with her measurements, but her classes will help you develop your cooking instincts.

What would you take away from the class? " I want people to learn how to cook amazing dishes without a lot of hassle; when I share recipes or teach how to cook, I want people to be able to replicate the dish very easily. I want them to have fun; cooking shouldn't be a chore..." 


Type Of Cuisine:

Vegetarian Indian Fusion


Favourite Dish:

"I don't have a particular favourite dish as I love to eat a variety of vegetarian dishes. However, being brought up In Kenya, enjoying charcoal-roasted Cassava chips has to be on top of my list."