Meet Edward



With Edward, you can certainly expect a class with a difference... and you may be needing a plane ticket! 

Having recently moved to rural Portugal, Edward lives on a 14-acre farm and is starting on a journey to create food from this land and a restaurant in which to serve it. He has no formal qualifications, but has hosted numerous live cooking demos and classes, as well as successfully opening two restaurants in the past - the Alta Bistro in Whistler and Solfeggio in Pemberton, Canada.

Inspired to cook by his mother, they continue to function as a dream team now. She lives with him in Portugal and helps to grow vegetables on the farm. Edward's love of fresh seasonal produce comes from his childhood, with early memories of growing up in the UK and heading out early with his family shrimping with nets. "We would be up to our waists in the water, and have a cloth bag tied around us to hold the fresh shrimp. Then back to shore, and fry them in a little butter, watching their colour change. Just unreal flavour."

As an InspiringChef so he wants to connect people with place, the heritage, and the origins of food and would like them to take away a deep sense of peace, inner joy and well being, as well as a belief in the beauty of nature and food, and his student's natural, innate ability to create.


What would you take away from the class?  " A deep sense of peace, inner joy and well being. A self belief in the beauty of nature and food, and their natural, innate ability to create."

Type Of Cuisine:

Seasonal - rooted in modern French, but motivated by nutrition. 

Favourite dish:

It changes with the seasons. Right now; local Portuguese blood sausage, with grilled peaches, crisp fried garlic, Thai basil, and vinegar soaked raisins. Five components, perfect harmony of fat, acid, spice, salt, sweet and texture. Vibrant colours, beautiful simplicity.