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Although she has no professional training, Gayathri has been a hugely-talented home cook for the past 20 years and has been hosting her own supper club, "London Chaiparty" for the last year. She loves to revive traditional recipes from India and rebrand them for the whole world. 

The main idea behind her supper club was to bring back memories from her childhood in the form of the dishes she cooks. Many of these recipes skipped a generation due to her parents' hectic lifestyles and she is bringing them back after intense master classes from the grandmothers and great grandmothers of the family. Gayathri's cooking is all about sharing amazing regional cuisines and she loves talking about food and culture of each region.

Coming from a profoundly foodie family, there was never any question that Gayathri would be a great cook, but she took particular inspiration from her aunt. They even shared the same favourite dish - Andhra pulao, chicken curry and fish fry!

Her fondest food memory is of a family gathering with lots of cousins, and her grandmother making tomato pickle. Once she had filled up all the jars, she would scrape off the remaining pickle, mix it with steaming rice and Ghee, make huge rice balls and give it to all the kids!

At Gayathri's classes you can expect to make your own delicious foodie memories, as well as gaining an introduction to a whole new India. Think you know Indian food? Think again! And leave your Chicken Tikka Masala at the door.  


What would you take away from the class? Lots of memories, introduction a new India, fun stories and of course lots of simple tips on indian cooking.

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Favourite dish:

Her mum's recipe Vegetable Pilau and chicken curry.