Chefs Across Continents - Pop Up

Chefs Across Continents - Pop Up


Natalie Griffith, Carine Ottou, Dare Oni, and Roni Bandong are four women on a mission: to introduce the people of Great Britain to a whole new world of food – one country at a time.

The four met while filming the Channel Four programme 'Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas 2016', which was celebrating cooks who do something a little different at Christmas. Each cooked a Christmas dish from a different country, with the aim of inspiring people who want an alternative to the traditional British approach to Christmas food. In the end, it was the chefs themselves who were inspired and they have decided to celebrate this culinary diversity by organising an event which will help you travel the world through food.

Designed around an 8 course tasting menu, you will be taken on a gastronomic journey around the globe, each dish introducing new and delightful ingredients, flavour combinations and techniques. The chefs are cooking their food from 3 different continents: Natalie from Armenia and Iran, Carine from Cameroon and France, Dare from Nigeria and Roni from The Philippines. This will be an immersive introduction to the traditions of each country that you will never forget!

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Event location: The PillBox Kitchen, 115 Coventry Rd, London E2 6GG, UK

Doors open at 6.30pm

Carine: Cameroonian & French Cuisine

 Twitter - @inspiringchefs

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Dare: Nigerian Cuisine

 Twitter - @OnidodoUK

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 Instagram – @onidodo

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Roni: Philippine Cuisine

 Twitter - @eatmaynila

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Natalie: Armenian & Persian Cuisine

 Twitter - @armenian_chef

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