Experience Khoa San Road in the heart of Dalston

Experience Khoa San Road in the heart of Dalston


If you ever backpacked through Southeast Asia, then Bangkok must have been part of your itinerary. Located in the Banluamphu neighbourhood and known as the backpacker hub of Bangkok, Khoa San is a vibrant street by day but mostly awaken by night. The road was known to be the hub of travellers on budget with affordable accommodations, clothes and food.

Now days, you can still find a fair amount of stalls and well-known vibes with plenitude of street food and vibrant night life with Up-Market live music bars, expensive restaurants.

Val, one of our latest exciting addition to our community was born in Bangkok where she grew up. As she remember, fresh food was easily accessible at local markets for most people on budget; which made it convenient since only very few people could afford a fridge.

"The trips to the market were early and at times fun and exciting, particularly the fresh fish market.  I vividly remember the intense smells, the noise and bustle of the busy market. Cooking at home was normally done over a wood burning stove (kiln). As a young child, I naturally learnt to cook by being in the kitchen everyday with my grandma.
In Thailand, eating plays a big part in our lives, eating between meals and enjoying drinks and snack all day is a norm for most of us. As long as I can remember there are freshly cooked food ready for consumption in most street corners of Bangkok, from congee (rice soup) noodle soup, coconut pancakes for breakfast to satay, little steamed dumplings, fruit smoothie, fresh fruits and more."

Val wants you to experience her childhood memories through an immersive Supperclub that celebrates the vibrant and the variety of Thai street Food right in the heart of Dalston. What are you waiting for? Pack-up your ticket and get ready to embark in this immersive foodie experience right in the middle of London.

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