Matango Supperclub - Coming Soon

Matango Supperclub - Coming Soon


Carine welcomes you to a plethora of culinary experiences in a warm and friendly environment with like-minded ‘foodies’. 

Did you know that in Cameroon MATANGO is a wine produced from palm trees whose fruits are dates and coconuts? It is produced by local people who help promote the conservation of palm trees whilst also providing their households with income. MATANGO is served at very special occasions and by the sharing of this unique wine Cameroonians are saying “welcome, you are our esteemed guest and we are honoured to be in your presence!" 

Carine will share with you more insights like this one at her unique supper clubs taken from her extensive wealth of knowledge and experience of food gathered from all around the world. 

Each month, the MATANGO Supper Club will be celebrating the culture of Cameroon. For those of you who have never visited or otherwise experienced cuisine from this country, being the most fertile part of Africa, Carine promises that you won't be disappointed! You can expect a taste explosion from the authentic dishes and recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation, including Ndole, Miondo and Poisson braise. 

Reviving traditional dishes and the cultures associated with them, Carine will be cooking with rare, little-known ingredients such as Cocoyams and Mbu so be prepared for a few surprises!

Before sharing the meal together with Carine and the rest of the group, you will be taken through the cultural origins and meanings behind the meal and the ingredients used. 

Sample Menu

    *Cornflour beignets accompanied with red bean stew. 

    *BBQ Fish (fresh maquereau) using my new range of marinades with Cameroonian spices and chilli. Served with deep fried plantains.

    * Ndole & bobolo 

    * O'kok & steamed cassava.

    * Caramelised banana & mango sorbet

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