meet joe



Joe is a professionally-trained and college-qualified chef and restaurateur specialising in bespoke cooking classes. He decided to become an InspiringChef because he has a huge passion for food and a burning desire to teach people how to cook. He has been teaching for a number of years in a wide array of classes from live events to bespoke classes in clients' homes.

Inspired to cook from as early has he can remember, Joe's culinary high point thus far has been cooking in clients' homes, where he has been able to design bespoke dinner party menus. Having the time to create visually-striking and beautiful-tasting food without the fast-paced heat of a commercial kitchen is what he lives for.

Joe likes to cook in a relaxed environment, where creativity gets free reign. You can expect to learn how to produce high-end, vibrant, striking food, inspired by Joe's world travels - especially fusion food and the highly-technical skill of pastry.


What would you take away from the class? " Passion and the skills to recreate the dishes I teach them"

Type Of Cuisine:

English, Fusion, Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish, Pastry.

Favourite dish:

"I do not have one specific favourite dish but I do love patisserie and I am a fully trained pastry chef."