Meet Meena


Meena may not be a qualified chef but she is a fabulous home cook. She has had a number of menus on Menu Next Door all of which were well received and she has been known to teach cooking to various family and friends.

Her main motivation in becoming an InspiringChef is simple - to inspire other people to cook. She loves to find new ways to make cooking Indian food simpler and this is what she would like to pass on to her students.

Her cooking inspirations are twofold - her mother, and her deep love of Indian street food.  As a child Meena was not allowed to have street food for hygiene reasons but, when she grew up, she tried it and fell in love. When she moved to London, she found that this was what she missed the most so she started making it herself! 


What would you take away from the class? "Traditional Indian Cooking with some tips and preparations to make life easy"

Type Of Cuisine:


Favourite Food:

Indian Pani Puris/Puchkas/Golgappas