Meet sofia


Sofia loves nothing more than cooking and sharing the history of food with people. For her, cooking is about really discovering that we are what we eat, as well as learning the culture around recipes, the provenance of the ingredients and the nutritional value of each bite we take. She was motivated to become an InspiringChef by her love of food and her desire to make and create things - she views the chopping board as an artist's canvas! Possessed of a discerning palate from a young age, her first food memory is a rocket and tuna sandwich her mother made her...which she thought was way too bitter! Sofia's cooking style is seasonal, organic whenever possible, plant-based and, most of all, delicious! At her classes, Sofia wants you to learn the simple things, which will make help you create food which will nurture you. Essentially, it is cooking to love yourself and your loved ones.


What would you take away from the class? "I want them to learn simple things which make them feel they have created something which is going to nurture them. Cooking to love yourself and your loved ones."

Type Of Cuisine: 

Vegan, raw

Favourite food:

Pesto in any form!