Meet Miguel


Miguel may be new to teaching cookery classes, but he is not new to cooking – or teaching! A music teacher and conductor, Miguel grew up in the north of Spain and is keen to share the food of his homeland, featuring less well-known authentic recipes.

His love of cooking started early on, with a kitchen table always covered with fresh food and a loving grandmother willing to pass on her recipes and knowledge. One of Miguel’s fondest culinary memories is of making sweet treats with her such as cakes or biscuits.

His passion for cooking really took off, however, after a visit to Basque cooking legend José Mari Arzak’s restaurant in San Sebastien. He was impressed with the technical and flavourful possibilities and the theatricality of modern cooking that Miguel simply had to try it for himself.

His own food is rooted in history, making traditional dishes with a story behind them, but given a new lease of life with his own, modern twist. In his classes you will learn how to produce unusual, authentic dishes which look and taste great, without being too taxing to make (you will even get recipe sheets to take away). As you cook, you will learn the stories and inspirations behind each dish.


What would you take away from the class? "In term of methodology, I believe that it is best to offer clear and simple instructions (and recipe sheets that students can take away with them"

Type of Cuisine:

Asturian, Spanish, English, European


Favourite Dish:

“I love comforting slow-cooked dishes like pulled pork or rib of beef. But I have a sweet tooth, and rice pudding is one of my specialities and my absolute favourite. I learned this dish from my grandma too, so it is something particularly special to me!”