Barrie's Class - Barbadian Banquet - Private Class

Barrie's Class - Barbadian Banquet - Private Class


Menu: A 3-course, authentic Barbados dinner

- Bajan fish cakes and salsa

- Steam fish and cou cou with cucumber dry salsa

- pumpkin and nutmeg fritters with clotted cream

Duration of Class: up to 3 hours

Dates Available: Any day after November 17th. Classes available on demand. Let us know what date and time you want when booking.

Venue: His Place, London E17

Level of experience: Home cook and private dinner chef with over 20 years experience

Accessibility: Venue and meal are suitable for families

Allergy and Diet info: There are no nuts in the dishes but can contain traces from production. The meals are gluten free, pescatarian and all organic.

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