Miguel's Class - A Taste of Traditional Spain - Open Class

Miguel's Class - A Taste of Traditional Spain - Open Class


Where: Hired Venue, TBC

Available Dates: Thursday or Friday evenings; Saturday afternoon.

Duration: 2 h

Experience Level: Beginners/Intermediate

Suitable for: 
People who want to learn to make authentic, regional food from Spain. These are the sort of dishes that you won’t usually find in a restaurant. Traditional recipes, presented in a modern fashion. 

The dishes cooked in this workshop are fairly simple. All the processes will be demonstrated step by step, and learners will cook along. Some degree of multitasking is required, as two of the dishes need around one hour of cooking. To speed up the process slightly, all the ingredients will have been previously prepared by the teacher.

The atmosphere should be quite relaxed. As some of the dishes require a long time to cook, there will be opportunity to check the individual progress of the learners, and also interact. Students will be encouraged to ask questions at any time about the dishes or the origins of the gastronomy in general.

Students can enjoy the food at the end of the lesson, and take left-overs home.

The dishes prepared will be:
Tortos de maiz (crispy pancakes, with blue cheese, walnuts, and honey)
Calamares en su tinta (squid braised in ink, roasted garlic mayo, and rice)
Arroz con leche (rice pudding infused with Calvados, burnt apple purée, caramelised topping) 

The venue requires equipment for each learner, including one frying pan, three large pots, dishes and cutlery, and, at least, one hand blender (this may be shared). An oven may be used if available.

Allergen and dietary info:
There is gluten in the tortos, as a small amount of wheat flour is required. This can be substituted if necessary. The nuts in this dish can be left out too. Dairy cheese is also used. 
The main dish contains fish.
The dessert contains dairy and alcohol, which can be left out for minors.

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