Tokunbo's Class - Nigerian Delights

Tokunbo's Class - Nigerian Delights


Where: London N1

Duration: 4 hours

Experience Level: Home Cook

Suitable for: Anyone with an interest in learning to cook popular West African dishes, such as Jollof Rice. 
Tokunbo's class is an opportunity for people to experience and enjoy the type of delicious home-cooked Nigerian food she grew up eating. Her overall goal is for Nigerian cuisine to become your new favourite choice on the London food landscape. 

In Nigeria, you say “Oya, come chop" when it’s time to eat. You will learn how to cook up a fantastic African-inspired meal at Tokunbo’s class using fresh and easily-accessible ingredients. Our classes are inclusive and suitable for families as well as adults coming alone.

At Tokunbo’s cooking class, her motto is for her guests to feel like royalty. This means dining like royalty. Expect your taste-buds to be delighted by colourful dishes bursting with lavish flavours of herbs and spices. We guarantee that you will leave with a newfound appreciation for Nigerian cuisine and culture. 

Oya, come cook and chop at Tokunbo’s class with other food lovers and feast to your heart's content because no one leaves a Nigerian kitchen without a full stomach and heart.

Menu: 3-course meal with a welcome drink and nibbles
Mango Puff Puff (v)
Yam, Plantain and Shrimp Balls
Akara – bean fritters with mixed peppers and sweetcorn (ve)

Jollof Rice – Basmati rice steamed cooked in a tomato and pepper sauce (ve)
Beans Porridge – Honey beans and plantain slow cooked in Palm Oil stew (ve)
Suya Chicken Wings* (spicy)
Ayamase Stew Accompanient (ve)
Dodo – Fried Plantain (ve)

Sweet Toasted Coconut
Tropical Fruit Salad

Allergen and dietary info: Vegan and vegetarian friendly, * some dishes may contain traces of nuts, 

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