meet sonia

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Sonia has over 30 years experience working as a chef in various industries and holds both city & guilds 706/1 & 2.

When asked why she wants to be an InspiringChef, the answer is simple "I love what I do!" As a senior chef, Sonia has taken many young chefs from commis upwards under her wing in the past, so she is no stranger to teaching. She loves the challenge of sharing new skills and showing people how best to work with food to get amazing results. Food is her forte and she loves to pass on the knowledge she has accumulated over many years of working in the industry.

Inspired to start cooking by her mother, Sonia was always in the kitchen with her as a child, taking in everything that she did. By eight years old she was already cooking for the family, with her fondest food memory coming age ten, when her first Jamaican rum cake got rave reviews.

Sonia wants you to leave her classes with a new confidence in your ability to produce amazing food, as well as an excitement about the food you produce and a knowledge and understanding of food. Expect to learn everything you need to know about flavours and which foods compliment each other. Most of all, she wants you to know - food doesn't have to be terrifying! It should be fun to experiment. Sonia will take you through what to do when things don't work and how to rectify them. More than anything, her classes will be fun!


What would you take away from the class? "food doesn't have to be terrifying, it's fun to experiment after all! [...]Most of all, my classes will be fun!"

Type Of Cuisine:


Favourite dish: 

"I have many favourite dishes so can't choose just one. I do however love baking bread, any bread!"