Meet Suchismita


Taught and nurtured by the inspiring women in her life, Suchismita has been cooking since she was eight years old. “I remember the first egg I fried. How proud I was!” This love affair with cooking and food continued and developed as she moved onto more complex dishes. “Whenever I threw parties at home, my friends would taste my food and encourage me to start doing it commercially. I would laugh it off, but finally, with two other foodie friends, I started London Chaiparty in June 2015. Our idea is to bring authentic regional Indian cuisines to London. I often felt that Indian Bengali food was not found anywhere in London, and so with London Chaiparty I decided to fill that niche. Similarly, my Hyderabad friend brings in authentic Hyderabad and Andhra cuisine to the table, and our other partner Syrian Christian food. We host supper clubs and pop-ups all around London and love talking about our food heritage.”

“Often our guests at our supper clubs ask us if we can teach them how to cook some easy dishes. I did some quick lessons, they turned out so much fun, I realised that just feeding people authentic food is not enough, we need to teach them how to make it too. Specially since cooking Indian food seems so daunting, but it's actually not, you just need to get your basics right. We are here to talk you through the spices, the process and make it easy for you.”


What you will take away from the class: A knowledge of regional, Indian food, and an understanding of why each step is done, as well as how.

Type of Cuisine: Indian, Indian Bengali, fusion, Anglo Indian

Favourite dish: Goat Biryani “But not just any biriyani, the variety that we find in my home city of Kolkata. It's slightly different from other biriyanis found in the other parts of India, it's lighter, less spicy, and has big chunks of potato and egg in it - it's something I dream about regularly.”