Meet Tokunbo



Cooking from age of 12 with family and friends, It was not until 2015 that Tokunbo decided to push her passion further. She launched Tee’s Food Corner (a pop-up Nigerian street food stall) in 2015 and Tokunbo’s Kitchen in 2016 - a private chef and supperclub service for people from all cultures to experience and enjoy authentic Nigerian food.

Tokunbo's goal is to introduce Nigerian food to a more global audience. She wants to give people a deep cultural immersion in the food they are about to eat, as well as an overview of the traditional ways of eating.

You will be in good hands, as Tokunbo is another keen student from the cooking school of Mum. Tokunbo's mother began to teachher at the age of 12 and never lets her forget that she herself started even earlier at age 8!

Her trip to Washington D.C. a few years ago was a turning point when a friend dropped by, unexpectedly, stating he was hungry. Tokunbo cooked him what she considered a fairly basic, easy meal and was stunned to see her friend enjoy the meal as if he had just been served Michelin-starred food.

What would you take away from the class? That cooking is not nearly as stressful as it appears, planning ahead and having all ingredients and equipment to hand makes the process so much easier. And that the most important thing is to have fun!

Type of Cuisine:

Nigerian, West African Fusion

Favorite Dish:

Nigerian Fried Rice (Jollof) with Suya Chicken. An absolute delight!