Meet val


Self-trained chef Val has been catering private dinner parties for twenty years, and has worked in professional kitchens and restaurants around the world. Inspired to cook by her Grandma, with whom she would cook dinner every day, her fondest food memories are eating hot congee (rice soup) freshly cooked, before school in the morning and enjoying an afternoon snack from the street-food stalls in her native Thailand.

Nowadays she is the in-house chef for an innovative film and recording studio in East London, but chose to become an InspiringChef as well, so she could share her experience, knowledge and skill with new people – and, hopefully, pass on her love and passion for cooking.


What you will take away from the class: “I want people to be bold and adventurous, confident in their cooking”

Type of Cuisine: English Fusion, Thai, Pan-Asian

Favourite dish: Noodle Soup